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22 Dec

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For the month of January, have a staff member stamp your card every time you come in and complete one of the fitness challenges! The work doesn’t stop there… keep yourself accountable at home by giving yourself a ‘check’ when you stick to at least FIVE of the at home challenges. Weigh yourself on January 1, 15 and 31 to track your progress!


Complete your card with 16 stamps, and enter your card into a raffle to win prizes including 1 month free dues, a free personal training session, or a free session with our dietitian! Tracking cards are available at the front desk.


At Home Challenges:

Give yourself a ‘CHECK’ every day you do AT LEAST 5 of the following:
• Drink 32 oz of Water
• Log Calories into a Food Journal/App
• Cook a Healthy Meal at Home
• Bring your Lunch to Work
• Load Up on Fruits & Veggies
• Enjoy a Healthy Snack
• Say No to Sweets!
• No Fast Food
• Avoid Liquid Calories (Alcohol, Pop)

• Clean Out Your Pantry or Fridge
• Go For a Long Walk

• Take the Stairs
• Park Further Away
• Get 8 Hours of Sleep

At Ackerman SFC:

Have a staff member stamp your card every time you come in to complete one of the following:
• Work with a Personal Trainer
• Meet with a Nutritionist
• Take a Group Fitness Class
• Walk/Jog 10.3 Laps Around the Track
• Climb the Rock Wall
• Play 30 Minutes of Basketball or Soccer
• Do a Weight Training Circuit

• Strength Training – Upper Body
• 30 Minutes on Elliptical or Treadmill
• 30 Minutes on Stair Climber or Rower
• 3 Sets of 20 Core Exercises
• Hit Your Weight Loss Goal!

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