Personal Trainer Highlight: Patti Lawler

Posted on: December 15, 2017

As a hairdresser, Patti Lawler enjoyed helping her clients discover a new hairstyle, color, or cut that increased their self-confidence and made them happy. Now, as a personal trainer with the Glen Ellen Park District, Patti continues to help people by training them to improve their physical condition, their eating habits, and their motivation levels in their quest to develop and maintain a healthy body and a positive self-image.

“After doing hair for 13 years, I had my first child and started providing hair services out of my home,” said Lawler. “I joined a workout facility and started working out. I loved it, so I got certified to teach group fitness classes. I found that I really enjoyed helping people in the wellness center, by showing them how to use the machines and discussing their fitness plans.”

Lawler has been a personal trainer for nine years, the last four with the Glen Ellyn Park District. “I like helping my clients with their journey toward a healthier lifestyle; some are in a rut and just need something new, while others want an intense, challenging workout experience,” she said. “I tend to specialize in strengthening, toning, and increasing flexibility for clients, but I also offer boot camp-style workouts. I currently teach seven group fitness classes for Glen Ellyn Park District.”

The words “boot camp” can be intimidating, but Lawler insists that it doesn’t have to be. “I take my clients’ goals and personalities into consideration when I develop a workout plan for them,” she added. “I modify the workout for each client based on what they’re like and what they’re capable of. I work with clients of all ages, with all levels of capability.”

By helping increase each client’s motivation level, Lawler helps them see that they can do things they didn’t believe they ever could. “I like to be with them during their “aha” moments, when their self-confidence goes through the roof.”

Lawler’s advice to those who are considering working with a personal trainer is to fully commit to it, and to treat it like an important appointment. “I encourage clients to write their session in their calendar, to make it part of their weekly game plan,” she explained. “Consistency is key, along with a well-balanced program that includes cardiovascular training, weight and resistance training, and flexibility training. Stretching is a very important part of any workout.”

Current clients say that Lawler makes workouts fun, and that she’s a good listener. “I start with an assessment for each client, including their health history, so I’m aware of any previous injuries or other physical limitations,” said Lawler. “I work with the past, present and future; knowing their past helps me understand where they’re at today, and informs my plan to help them get where they want to go.”