Register by Jan. 31 for Bulldogs Lacrosse

Posted on: January 16, 2018

For those unfamiliar with one of the fastest growing team sports in the country, Lacrosse is a clever combination of soccer, hockey, and basketball. It’s played with a stick (the crosse), which is used to catch, scoop, and throw a small rubber ball into the goal (net) of the opposing team. Players don’t have to be big; the game rewards agility, coordination, and speed. Lacrosse is fast-paced, with precision passing and lots of running.

Lacrosse is actually considered to be the oldest sport in North America, as it was played (in a similar form) by early Native Americans. Initially, Lacrosse was played to resolve conflicts and develop strong men, and acted as a way to prepare them for war. The game evolved into more of a sporting match in the 1600s in Canada, and in 1867, was standardized by W. George Beers with the creation of a particular field size, a set number of players per team, and basic rules of play.

Today, Lacrosse boasts one of the fastest growing participation levels at the high school level for both men and women. At the NCAA level, over 550 college teams participate in competition, with over 500 more college club programs in existence.

With the surging popularity of this exhilarating sport, the Glen Ellyn Park District is proud to offer a Spring Lacrosse Program for area youth (grades 1-8). The Bulldogs’ practice schedule begins the week of April 9, 2018 for all age groups, and ends in mid-June. Practices and home games are held at Newton Park. Registration should be completed on or before January 31, 2018.

“The kids in the Lacrosse program love it because it’s different, and is still fairly new in our area,” said Christine Hartnett, Recreation Supervisor for the Glen Ellyn Park District. “Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports, and the kids are having a great time learning new skills. Several of our past Bulldog players have gone on to play at the high school level. A few athletes have even earned athletic scholarships and been recruited to play at the Collegiate level.”

A girls’ league is also offered in partnership with the Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association (IGLA). “There are different rules for boys’ and girls’ Lacrosse, but girls are welcome to participate in either of the two leagues,” added Hartnett.

The fee for Bulldogs Program participants includes the team uniform (jersey and shorts), practices twice each week, and participation in the Illinois Boys Lacrosse Association (IBLA).

“The IBLA includes weekly games and an end-of-season tournament,” said Hartnett. “We have terrific volunteer coaches who have been with the program for a number of years; all coaches have been through training with the Positive Coaching Alliance, and many have also attended coaching clinics hosted by U.S. Lacrosse. All age groups are able to sign up for additional weekend tournaments for an extra cost.”

For more information, please contact Christine Hartnett at (630) 942-7268, or at