Board Approves Ackerman SFC Parking Lot Improvements

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center is getting a new parking lot! Planned improvements include resurfacing and repair of the lot, lighting improvements, and bioswales to reduce runoff volumes and improve stormwater quality. Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid-July, with completion of the lot anticipated in mid-September. A more specific timeline will be provided closer to the beginning of the project.

“While the District will minimize the impact of the construction, there will be some short-term inconvenience,” stated Executive Director Harris.

Glen Ellyn Park District was successful in receiving a $439,290 Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant (IGIG) through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in October 2014. Those funds, which were to offset the cost of the parking lot improvements, continue to be withheld by the State of Illinois and despite patiently waiting the past few years, release of the funds is unlikely.

While short-term improvements have been made in the interim, the Park Board approved moving forward without the grant at the May 15th meeting.

“Despite not receiving the IGIG grant, the District was resourceful in attaining a DuPage County Stormwater Improvement Grant for $35,567 to help contribute towards environmental related items – bioswales and permeable pavers,” said Harris. “Additionally, Parkview Church, which is at the corner of Riford and St. Charles, is contributing $30,801 (50%) of the expense to improve the shared entrance road into the park and church.”

Improvements will be focused on the main parking lot which serves Ackerman SFC and the upper Ackerman fields and include:

  • Resurfacing and repair of the lot
  • Entrance Road and sidewalk into park from St. Charles Road and Riford Road intersection
  • Lighting improvements within parking lot and entrance road, including conversion to dark sky and L.E.D.
  • Bioswales and permeable pavers within center of parking lot

The 44,000 square foot lot serves over 250,000 annual users of Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center along with many additional patrons that utilize the surrounding 65 acres of open space, natural areas, and athletic fields. While benefitting the water quality for the East Branch DuPage River, the implementation of these measures will also provide and model responsible and innovative environmental practices in a highly visible and heavily utilized area.

“The District is excited to finally be addressing the long-awaited improvements to the Ackerman parking lot. The patience and understanding of the facility and park patrons during the past several years is well appreciated,” stated Harris. “It was always the intention to improve the lot and we had certainly anticipated doing it much sooner.”

The project, which also includes bridge improvements at Churchill Park, was awarded to Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc. for $487,710. As mentioned above, expenses are being offset by Parkview Church’s contribution of $30,801 and a grant from DuPage County for $35,567.

Additional information on the project and construction updates will be posted at