Climbing Wall

Ackerman SFC will reopen to the public for outdoor group fitness classes and personal training only on June 8th. The climbing wall is not available during Phase 3: Recovery of the Restore Illinois Plan. Further details will be provided as we approach Phase 4: Revitalization. Read the most recent update here.

Ackerman SFC members receive complimentary access to the Ackerman Alps – our two 30-foot climbing rocks and a bouldering wall – equipped with nine top ropes and four auto-belay system. Climbing is an excellent low-impact sport for all ages. It helps develop all muscle groups from the back and shoulders, to legs, arms, and even fingers. Stretching and reaching for holds improves flexibility and agility, allowing challengers to conquer new heights!

Climbing Wall Guidelines

  • All climbers must check in at the Front Desk each time they intend to participate in the open climbs
  • Use during open climbs is accommodated on a first-come, first served basis
  • Bouldering is permitted on the 10-foot bouldering wall only
  • Staff will hook and unhook the auto-belay ropes. The climber will NOT hook or unhook the auto belay themselves.
  • When descending the wall, climbers should push their feet flat against the wall to assure they descend safely.