Personal Training

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Get that extra push you need with a specific fitness program designed especially for you. Your personal trainer will be with you for every workout, and you will be guided in a safe, encouraging manner to help you be your very best. Take the next step in your fitness routine, and let our personal trainers motivate and educate you to reach your goals.

Personal Training Packages

Packages are for members only. Individual, 60-minute sessions are $86 for non-members. Non-members may purchase individual sessions at the Ackerman SFC front desk (not available for purchase online).

For more information and to book a personal training session,
please visit the Ackerman SFC front desk or call (630) 317-0130.

Personal Trainer

ProgramPrice Per SessionTotal Package Price
1x60 mins private$50 $50
6x60 mins private$47.50 $285
12x60 mins private$45 $540
1x30 mins private$32.50 $32.50
6x30 mins private$30 $180
12x30 mins private$27.50 $330
1x60 mins partner$32.50 $32.50
6x60 mins partner$30 $180
12x60 mins partner$27.50 $330

Master Trainer

ProgramPrice Per SessionTotal Package Price
1x60 mins private$65 $65
6x60 mins private$62.50 $375
12x60 mins private$60 $720
1x30 mins private$37.50 $37.50
6x30 mins private$35 $210
12x30 mins private$32.50 $390
1x60 mins partner$37.50 $37.50
6x60 mins partner$35 $210
12x60 mins partner$32.50 $390

Meet Our Personal Training Staff

  • Patti Lawler, Master Trainer

    Patti Lawler is a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with a wealth of experience in helping individuals and groups improve their fitness. Her two most recent certifications were becoming a certified Kettlebell and Suspension Training Coach. Patti is truly passionate about guiding her clients on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. From teenagers aiming to tone up or achieve athletic goals to seniors seeking more functional ways of life, she caters to a diverse range of individuals.

    Patti’s outgoing personality and unwavering commitment to Ackerman Sports and Fitness Center have fostered a large and thriving community of loyal clients and class participants.


    • Personal Trainer – NESTA
    • Suspension Training – TRX
    • Kettlebell Instructor – NPTA
    • Group Fitness – AFAA
    • Group Fitness – Insanity

  • Stan Emmert, Master Trainer

    Stan Emmert has been helping others reach their health and fitness goals for years. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Performance Enhancement Specialist. Recently, Stan also obtained certification as a Senior Fitness Instructor. He works with beginners, youth, older adults, and athletes aged 5 to 85, customizing plans to fit their individual needs. His positive attitude and friendly personality are infectious to his clients and teammates at Ackerman SFC.


    • Personal Trainer – ISSA
    • Performance Enhancement Specialist – ISSA
    • Senior Fitness Instructor – ASFA

  • Mike Nishimura, Master Trainer

    Mike Nishimura is a seasoned fitness professional with an extensive resume. His most recent education allowed him to become a certified Kettlebell Instructor. He caters his programs to address a client’s needs and to increase functionality for the activities of everyday life. His coaching presence while training his clients or teaching a group fitness class exemplifies his passion and commitment to helping others improve their overall health and wellbeing.


    • Fitness Trainer – ISSA
    • Nutritionist – ISSA
    • Kettlebell Instructor – NPTA

  • Sam Benson, Personal Trainer

    Sam Benson is an experienced Personal Trainer with a wealth of industry experience. She continuously expands her knowledge by attending seminars like the Perform Better Summit. Sam is always eager to share new ideas and effective methods to achieve results with her clients. Her positive outlook and patience make her an ideal trainer for clients at all levels, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.


    • Personal Trainer – NASM