Sports-Specific Training

Enhance your performance and reach new heights in your chosen sport with the expertise of our skilled coaches. Whether you’re aiming to improve your athleticism, basketball skills, or volleyball techniques, our tailored training sessions are designed to help you succeed. Visit the Ackerman SFC front desk for more information or to set up your sessions.

Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Coach Krystina Sarff can assist players in all sports programs to enhance their athleticism. The sessions concentrate on three primary objectives: improving athletic performance, reducing the risk of athletic injuries, and teaching lifelong fitness and movement skills. You will receive a personalized workout plan that targets different areas of the body and learn proper usage of workout equipment. Sessions start at $29.

Basketball Training

Sign up for private lessons from Skill Development Coach Brett Love. With high school and collegiate level playing experience and the credentials to train players to elevate their skills, Brett is equipped to take your game to the next level. Sessions start at $45.

Volleyball Training

All-State Coach Christine Giunta-Mayer, with her wealth of experience, is dedicated to offering private lessons to student-athletes from 5th grade through college. These private lessons are perfect for players who want to focus on improving specific aspects of their game. Sessions start at $70.